[NA-User] help with kenwood

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Thu Aug 20 16:19:14 PDT 2009


I used to own a TS-850, and never had any trouble making it work with NA.

If I recall correctly, a TS-850 is one stop bit. in which case you want 
the KENWOOD1 radio choice.  I seem to recall having to add the KENWOOD2 
choice (having two stop bits)

I seem to recall the TS-850 talks 4800 baud, not 1200 baud.  That might 
be the problem.

I have had zero luck getting NA to use the COM ports successfully with 
WinXP.  However, if it works with Icoms, there's nothing different about 

You might need to check your serial cable.  I never had an IF-232 with 
my TS-850, rather I had a homebrew interface using a MAX-232 chip in the 
D-shell.  But I know that over the years I've gotten a lot of good out 
of a null modem when trying to make NA talk to a new radio for the first 

Dunno if I've provided any help, but I *have* made NA work with a TS-850 
(admittedly under DOS), so you should be able to make it work (since the 
Icoms worked).



Mark Ketchell wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>          I've used ICOM rigs with NA for years. You just hook them up, set 
> the hex address and they work (thanks Dave!). I have a friend with a 
> Kenwood TS-850, just getting into contesting, who wants rig control. I am 
> trying to help him, but I am now in over my head. We found him an if-232, 
> but so far, no joy. I know in the NA setup, you can select from Kenwood 1 / 
> Kenwood 2, but that still doesn't seem to do it. He is not trying to send 
> cw (yet) but is trying to work from a dos window (operating sys is Win XP, 
> sp3). This has not been an issue with the icoms.
>          Since his 850 seems to want 1200 baud, 8 N 2, do I have to drill 
> down through control panel/system/device manager/ports/properties, and 
> change the speed and stop bits there? I am trying to assist him by 
> phone/email, and have not actually sat at his operating position to 
> troubleshoot for myself, so I may be missing something obvious. Any advice 
> or help would be appreciated.
> 73,
> Mark, K5ER 
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