[NA-User] ICOM 738

Mark Ketchell k5er at arrl.net
Thu Jan 21 12:18:33 PST 2010

Hi Jim,
	Many of us started out using the com port for keying, and then 
"graduating" to rig control and moved the keying function(and so2r 
switching) to the LPT port. The ct-17 must attach to a com port, whereas 
your cw keying can be done via either a com or an lpt. It has been years, 
but I remember Dave doing a great job in the NA manual on how to do all of 
this. Its really quite easy, once you understand what the software and rig 
want from each other. When doing rig control, you do need to have both the 
computer and rig set to the same speed, and (if I remember) the same parity 
and stop bits.

	From the directory where you have NA, type "config" then select F4. Select 
the com port you wish to use for rig control and then tab over and using 
the right/left arrows, select "XCVR1". You can then escape out of this and 
then choose F5, equipment setup. "enter" or "tab" moves through the fields. 
Choose the IC738 from the drop down list and if you care to, you can change 
the cw keying to LPT (if you want to save the second com port for something 
else). Keep hitting "enter" to tab through all the fields and hit "y" to 
accept the changes.

	I don't have the documentation here at work, but if the above info doesn't 
do it for you, drop me an email offline and I'll look it up and walk you 
through it.

Best of luck,
Mark, K5ER

k5er at arrl.net

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