[NA-User] W9ZRX / W9PA Domain Change

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Mon Apr 6 21:46:46 EDT 2015

After holding W9ZRX for 48 years, I obtained the W9PA vanity call in 2012.
The call of my Cluster changed from W9ZRX to W9PA in September of 2012.  I
continued to maintain the w9zrx.net Domain and added the w9pa.net Domain.  I
decided to drop the w9zrx.net Domain when it expired on 30 March 2015.


By the decline in the number connecting, it appears that many Clusters and
Users have been connecting to dxc.w9zrx.net.  Those who connected to
dxc.w9zrx.net should now connect to dxc.w9pa.net.



I would appreciate those who maintain lists of Clusters - that are embedded
into Logging and Database Programs - replace w9zrx.net with w9pa.net.




Thanks and 73 --> Dave, W9PA

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