[NA-User] 2015 Michigan QSO Party this weekend

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Fri Apr 17 13:14:50 EDT 2015

All stations are invited to participate in the 2015 Michigan QSO Party, 
sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club, this weekend, from 1600Z April 18 
until 0400Z April 19 (Saturday, noon to midnight EDST).  All stations 
may operate the full 12 hour period.

Make QSOs on phone and CW on 80/40/20/15/10 meters. Work stations once 
per band and mode.  MI-to-MI QSOs allowed. Work portables and mobiles 
again as they change county, state or province.

Categories: Single-op, multi-op, mobile and Michigan Emergency Operation 
Center (EOC) stations.

Exchange: QSO number and location (county for MI stations, 
state/province, or "DX" for non-W/VE).

Suggested frequencies: CW-3545, 7045, 14045, 21045, 28045; Phone-3825, 
7200, 14250, 21300, 28450.

Scoring: One point per phone QSO, two points per CW QSO. Count 
multipliers once per mode.Multipliers are MI counties for all entries, 
plus states, provinces for MI entries only.

A rule change for 2015 makes "DX" a multiplier (once per mode) for MI 
entries only.  If your logging program does not pick up the DX 
multiplier, regardless it WILL be counted when the committee re-scores 
your log.

Final score is total QSO points times total multipliers.

Awards:  A beautiful MiQP plaque is awarded to the winner of the ten 
major categories.  MiQP certificates are awarded to the second and third 
place finishers in these categories, plus the high single-op score in 
each geographical region (MI county, state or province), the top three 
DX entries, plus the top Michigan and non-Michigan clubs for high 
combined score.

Submit logs no later than30 days after the contest.  Electronic logs in 
Cabrillo formatare submitted via the Log Submittal page on the MiQP web 
site http://www.miqp.org/submitLogFileMiQP.html. Mail paper logswith 
summary sheets to:

Mad River Radio Club
c/o Dave Pruett
2727 Harris Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48198


Special MiQP News:

New for MiQP this year is the "Michigan Cabinet Counties" award for 
working the ten Michigan counties named after members of then-president 
Andrew Jackson's cabinet in the late 1700s.  Work one or more of the 10 
Cabinet Counties during the hours of the MiQP and you qualify for the 
award.  Background info on the Michigan Cabinet Counties, a list of the 
10 Cabinet Counties and rules for the award can be found at:

All 83 Michigan counties have operations announced for this weekend.  A 
table and map of these announced operations can be found on the MiQP web 
page at http://www.miqp.org/operatingPlanned.php.  Also, Bob/KØRC offers 
a free workbook in Excel format for tracking counties in MiQP at:

No station in MiQP history has ever made a "clean sweep" of all 83 
counties in a single weekend.  Will you be the first?


For full MiQP rules, alongwith free logging software, log and summary 
sheets, seethe MiQP web page at:


Good luck to everyone this weekend and we hope to see everyone on the air.

The MiQP Organizing Committee

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