[RFI] 6m RFI problems

David Booth David Booth <booth@pactitle.com>
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 13:49:58 -0800 (PST)

I have some problems with rfi on 6M SSB and 2M SSB, any info would help.

We have cable out here (thank god) and I still get into some tv's.

A few of my neighbors have older tv's and are 5 to 6 houses away and
even at 10w ssb if kills there tv on every channel.

I know they have a bad tuner.. During our tests to see where the problem
was getting into the tv we were on good terms. Once I disconected the
cable line from the tv and they still had the problem, I  mentioned they
had a bad tuner they would not speak to me anymore.

I still get there phone calls and the Sheriff comes to the door from
time to time.

What can I do other than not talk on 6M.

Here is what my station is like.

Yeasu 680r 10w into Marage amp 150w out into a B+K low-pass filter 70DB
below 50 mhz rated to 1500w to a 5 elem cushcraft beam @ 50'.
I also switch between the beam and a cushcraft ARX-6.

I also run 27w on AM from a Gonset G-50 to the ARX-6.
And a Swan 250 to the ARX-6.

On 2M I have a Kenwood 700sp 10 into a AM-6154 amp doing 350w out up to a 13 elem
cushcraft beam. No filters here.

Every radio and amp is grounded to a common 8 gauge wire going 10' to my
grounding rod (8') and I have a "drip" system to keep it wet all the

Any ideas to help out the problem any??

P.S. I do not have any rfi problems in my house.




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