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Thu, 08 Jan 1998 16:24:15 EST

     can someone help me in eliminating noise in my cobra 148. its
     installed in a 1994 mazda pu. the noise is getting in thru the
     antenna, a wilson 1000 magnet mount. i have marine technology rfi-20
     filters on both the hot and ground wire near the radio and both leads
     run all the way to the battery. the noise seems to be coming from the
     fuel pump. it whines for a couple of seconds when i turn on the
     ignition switch and then continously when the engine is running. the
     wipers are also very irritating, but only when it rains. i'm really
     not interested in dropping the fuel tank to put filters next to the
     pump.(not knowing whether or not it will even work) also, i don't like
     the noise chopper. it cuts out too much of my receive.
     please help!
     mark truett

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