[RFI] fuel pump noise in a 1994 FORD

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Fuel-pump noise is a known Ford problem.  Ford disucsses this in a Technical 
Service Bulletin, TSB-93-15-6.  They offer a fuel-pump filter that installs 
in the tank, right next to the in-tank fuel pump.  The part number for the 
filter is F1PZ-18B925-A.  Some small trucks have TWO fuel pumps -- one in 
each tank.

The filter works MOST of the time.  I suspect in cases where it didn't, it 
may not have been installed correctly.

Refer also to several Hints and Kinks type articles that appeared in QST:

QST Nov 91, p 52
QST Aug 91, p 40

QST Sep 94 featured an article that discussed various manufacturer's 
policies about automotive RFI problems.  A followup QST "Lab Notes" column 
in Mar 95 discussed automotive RFI in general.  ARRL's book, Radio Frequency 
Interfernce: How to Find It and FIx it has a chapter on auto RFI, written by 
an engineer in the auto industry.

73 from ARRL HQ,
Ed Hare, W1RFI

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>Does anybody know of a solution to get rid of the FUEL-PUMP noise in a FORD
>I am running an Icom 706 and get the noise as soon as I turn the key on.  I
>get it on 80m thru 2m in SSB only.  2m FM is OK!
>Howard W3CQH
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