[RFI] Horizonal Sweep Noise

WX5L WX5L <wx5l@communique.net>
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 05:37:40 -0500


Has anyone had success eliminating horizonal sweep noise from a
screaming TV?

Horizonal sweep at 15.75 khz is rich in harmonics and often couples with
the A/C line or cable feed and actually backfeeds acting as an antenna.
If you hear a raspy a/c note on the HF bands especially 20 meters and
below every 15.7 khz apart that's whats going on.

I put a hefty common-mode ferrite choke mixture #43 on the offending
TV(neighbor) and noticed a slight decrease but not enough to amount to

Does anyone have any other ideas other than asking my neighbor to but
another TV.


New Orleans, Louisiana

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