[RFI] Re: rfi-digest V1 #29

bewhite@ibm.net bewhite@ibm.net
Mon, 02 Mar 98 10:03:46

Regarding power line noise.
      It could be coming from some distance, say another street. I suggest 
you go out one dark night and walk along under the lines and listen by ear as 
well as radio and watch carefully at each pole.

    I had a similar problem some years ago.   If it is leaking accross the 
insulator (ususally a cracked insulator) it may have a visible arcing.

    I my case I used a large sledge hammer to hammer the pole and this would 
stop it for some time.

    If your power poles are metal try connecting a portable radio antenna to 
the poles and the one with the leak should produce a very high level of 
Perhaps the wooden poles would give the same result if you could get some 
contact with the timber.

   Barry VK2AAB @ VK2WI

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