CATALANO_DENIS_E@hq.navsea.navy.mil CATALANO_DENIS_E@hq.navsea.navy.mil
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 08:06:02 -0500

     Greetings all,  This is my first request on the RFI reflector.  Here 
     is the situation:
     -I have a neighbor (friendly) about 150 yards down the road saying I'm 
     tearing up his TVs when I operate.
     -he has multiple TVs with a VCR on each. Radio Shack amplifier feeding 
     a splitter.  Interference is on all his TVs.  He has capped all open 
     - We are all on cable.  
     - Problem appears to be isolated to when I operate low bands only, 
     especially 80M, with 1000 watt amp.  At low power, 100 watts, 
     interference is slightly perceptible.  I have separate antennas and 
     feeds for each low band.  Happens with 2 different amps.  Using a 
     -no other neighbors have complained.  My wife and kids haven't 
     complained.  (I will check my TVs out for myself tonight).
     -I had cable company out to check for leaks in the area, not too long 
     ago (in reference to noise being heard by me on higher bands).  No 
     leaks were reported by cable company. {This problem will be addressed 
     after I resolve neighbor problem}
     My first thought is his radio shack amp may be the problem.  I 
     suggested to him that we take out the amp and see if interference 
     remains.  We will do this next weekend.  His question, and mine, is 
     why is this happening this lowband season, and not the previous ones 
     when I was even more active.  I do have a B&W low pass filter 494, I 
     think that I could put in line.  haven't tried that yet.  Anyway, any 
     suggestions are appreciated.  Also, how do I get a copy of one of 
     those ARRL brochures to convince neighbor that the problem could be 
     his own???
             73 & TNX Denis, W4DC 

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