[RFI] K1ZM needs help

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Hi Folks

I am posting this message to the RFI reflector seeking help/advice in an area
where I have limited experience.  Input is necessary to help buttress an
amateur tower permit application that is pending here in our town - and is
most urgently needed.

The subject is radar controlled hobbiest airplanes.

>From testimony to date, we have been told that these hobbiest aircraft are
controlled by a low power transmitter controller operating at about 1 watt of
output power on 27 Mhz.

The controlling 27 Mhz (1) watt signal essentially guides the hobby plane's
maneuvers - while in flight -  allowing it to be safely flown and landed.

The questions being raised are whether the establishment of an amateur radio
station with 100 foot towers and full legal power operating on the parcel next
door will cause destructive interference STRONG enough to "override" the
aircraft controller 1 w signal thus causing the aircraft to crash in flight.


1) How valid are the allegations and fears posed?
2) Will ALL amateur bands likely affect the 27Mhz controller?
(If the hobbiest planes have a wideband front-end receiver of poor selective
design, an amateur KW signal operating on 28Mhz MIGHT possibly be a problem.
Would a harmonic from 14Mhz also be an issue?)
3) Does anyone out there have any experience with these hobbiest aircraft?
4)Can anything be done to remedy interference/interaction issues that MAY
5) Has anyone out there run into this one before?
6) If interference IS unavoidable, how far must the controller/planes be
removed from the amateur site for SAFE operation?

Any guidance/information/assistance would be most welcome at this point.

Testimony must be given in defense of the amateur position in this matter -
and it will be quite important with respect to a pending application for two
100 foot amateur towers.

Thanks in advance to all for reading this message and for the help.  It is
greatly appreciated.

73 Jeff



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