[RFI] G5RV opens/closes garage door

Frank Frank <ftbrady@earthlink.net>
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 06:38:02 -0600

My brand new G5RV installation opens and closes neighbors remote
controlled garage door.  Every dit/dah sends the door in the opposite
direction.  It also assaults another neighbors hand-clap-controlled
lamp.  The garage is about 35' from the ladder line stub.  The
hand-clap-lamp is about 50' in the opposite direction.  Needless to say,
my hamming debut in this neighborhood was a flop.

This G5RV has the highest SWR I've seen (5 to 1 on 40 meters & 3.5 to 1
on 20 meters), but I've heard that's just the way they 'work' in some
installations.  This G5RV (from RadioWorks) has a current balun between
the 30' 450 ohm ladder line stub and the 70' coax feedline to the rig.


Is the G5RV part of the problem - with it's high SWR?  The ladder line
is in the clear, drops straight down from the 102' flattop, and the
balun is about 4 feet off the ground.

Can anyone help me with these two problems or tell me how to access
archives if the solution has been discussed already?

Thanks much!
Frank T. Brady
W0ECS - in Appleton WI indefinitely

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