[RFI] G5RV opens/closes garage door

Wendell Wyly W5FL Wendell Wyly W5FL" <w5fl@flash.net
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 19:14:00 -0600

Unfortunately, you did not say how much power you are running or what bands
you are operating.

If you are running 100 watts and operating 40 or 20 meters, there may be
some help.  First, replace the G5RV with a simple 40 meter dipole as high
(hopefully 33 ft high or so)and clear in the air as possible and feed it
with an even 1/2 wavelength of good quality 50 ohm coax (approx 60 feet long
depending on the velocity factor of the coax).  This is a very efficient
antenna that does not radiate harmonics and has a low feed point swr over a
reasonable portion of the 40 meter band).  Ground the transmitter to a good
ground of at least a cold water pipe with #12 copper wire or to an 8 ft
ground rod.  Then try again.  Radio Shack sells some clamp on filters for
about $4 each.  You can clamp two of them over the wires going to the garage
opener with pretty good success rate.  Buy the neighbor a really pretty lamp
that is IR remote controlled and trade him for that one.  You should have
equal success on 20 with the same length of feedline or 30 feet will operate
fine on this band.

Multiband antennas are the worst possible compromise for RFI and the most

Wendell W5FL

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My brand new G5RV installation opens and closes neighbors remote
controlled garage door.  Every dit/dah sends the door in the opposite
direction.  It also assaults another neighbors hand-clap-controlled
lamp.  The garage is about 35' from the ladder line stub.  The
hand-clap-lamp is about 50' in the opposite direction.  Needless to say,
my hamming debut in this neighborhood was a flop.

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