[RFI] Tracking the Noise

EDWARDS, EDDIE J EDWARDS, EDDIE J" <eedwards@oppd.com
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 08:15:19 -0500

> If you find the problem is a power pole and the company will not fix
> the RFI
> problem, you can hit the lower part of the pole with a sledge hammer (
> or
> even 
> more common a big rock). Sometimes this can remove the problem and it
> doesn't take a long time to try.....
	[K0iL]  Please do not do this!  If the pole is noisy due to
loose hardware, you might just cause it to come completely loose and
cause a power outage (as well as endanger yourself and others by a
downed line).  Then the whole neighborhood will hear about that darned
ham who caused the power outage and associated fallout!!  Getting
neighbors to cooperate with RFI problems is hard enough without giving
ourselves a black now & then!  Besides, if it is loose hardware, the fix
is to get it tightened up even if it seems to temporarly fix it.

	Please let the power company perform this troubleshooting
method.  That way the outage is their fault not ours.  It is their
equipment, and hitting it with a sledge hammer can be considered
vandelism and is therefore breaking the law.  

	Please be careful around power lines.  Two cable TV techs here
in Omaha, Nebraska were killed this summer when they caused a line to
fall into wet grass.  The line never touched them, but the wet grass
did!  Killed one immediately.  The other one died in the hospital.  So
it does happen.

	de ed  -K0iL

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