[RFI] Tracking the Noise

Kelly Boswell kboswell@aetn.org (Kelly Boswell)
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 10:16:36 -0500

eedwards@oppd.com,Internet writes:
>> If you find the problem is a power pole and the company will not fix
>> the RFI
>> problem, you can hit the lower part of the pole with a sledge hammer (
>> or
>> even 
>> more common a big rock). Sometimes this can remove the problem and it
>> doesn't take a long time to try.....

>	[K0iL]  Please do not do this!  If the pole is noisy due to
>loose hardware, you might just cause it to come completely loose and
>cause a power outage (as well as endanger yourself and others by a
>downed line).  
>	Please let the power company perform this troubleshooting
>	73,
>	de ed  -K0iL

I appreciate your concern for safety.  But frankly,  technicians from two
different utilities who told me to do PRECISELY this when I was searching
the cause of static here.  No, the power company would not locate the
problem for me.  I had to diagnose it to the pole, then call them in.  The
local utility actually asked ME if I knew WHICH piece of hardware ON the
pole was causing the problem so they would NOT have to diagnose it any

What alternatives are available, BEFORE contacting the utility?  I'd like
a better way to ferret out the cause.  Any suggestions for some way
better, not just different?

Kelly, KA5MGL

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