[RFI] Telephone Interference - blowing out phones?

warren munro wmunro@lava.net (warren munro)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:44:14 -1000

Hi Dana, I had a similar setup (R-5 "no ground" vertical, house mounted up
20 feet with close neighbors on both sides).  What I found was there was
terrific pickup by the house wiring which is largely attic runs.

Not only the usual RF problems, but RFI on EVERY device with an AC cord.
So lots of ferrites on ALL leads hepled, but moving the antenna farther
away was really necessary...

Blowing the phone out ?  Maybe you knocked out the cordless 49 Mhz receiver
on either the base or the remote unit ?  I never ran more than 100 watts
PEP, but I have ham neighbors who put S-9 plus 80 db into my receiver (when
I don't ground the antenna hi), so the vertical might be pumping enough RF
next door to cause problems...  Or is there another ham around to blame hi

Good luck & 73, Warren  KH6WM  kh6wm@arrl.net

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