[RFI] Phone RFI fixes - no ring, lower cost solutions?

Jon Ogden Jon Ogden <jono@enteract.com>
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:06:43 -0600

on 12/21/99 7:47 PM, Gorsline Family at gorslin@pathcom.com wrote:

> Ideally, I'd  like to give the neighbours the plug-in modular filters  -
> enough for every phone (say 5/house).  At $30-40 CDN each, is there a
> less expensive way?

Rich Measures, AG6K, has plans for homebrew phone filters on his website.
They are basically the same as what you would pay big bucks for.  The URL
is:  http://www.vcnet.com/~measures/T.RFI.html and

Hopefully that can help.

> For the TVI - is there a high pass coax filter (ideally male-female to
> put in the CATV line)?  Yes, lots of cable ingress/egress - 2m and CATV
> channel 18, pagers on channel 17 and 21.

If you are having cable ingress, contact your local cable company.  They are
responsible for leakage into as well as out of their system.  If pagers are
getting in then lots of people have complaints and not just your neighbors.
The FCC holds the cable company responsible.  Realize that if you are other
services are getting IN, then they are radiating signal which means, the
CATV will likely be interfering with YOU somewhere.

If there is fundamental frequency ingress, filters won't help one bit.  If
any of your VHF/UHF signals are getting into your CATV channels, then it
won't help to put a filter in line since your frequency and perhaps the CATV
channel frequency are the same.  The only way to stop it is to make the
cable company close their system, which it should be.

Hope this helps.


Jon Ogden


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