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Kelly & Jeff, 
Tnx much for the info.  And all along I just thought the CTX monitors were
"dirty" and poorly designed.  Now it appears not to be the monitor's design
but rather a system integration problem!  That makes some sense since the
people "building" the computer systems probably aren't engineers (sales
clerks?) and don't understand nor care about EMI standards.  After all,
apparently every monitor being sold meets Part 15 under some set of
conditions at one time.  It's too bad we don't always know what those
conditions are or were when we buy it with a computer system.  Now we have
something else to try before we return a noisy monitor for exchange.  Tnx
de ed -K0iL
TS in Nebraska

kboswell@aetn.org [SMTP:kboswell@aetn.org] wrote:
> Because the purpose of the following message deals with RFI issues, I'm
> taking the liberty of forwarding/posting it here. (with permission of the
> original author).  Should this be deemed inappropriate, flames should be
> directed (privately and politely) to me.
> 73 de Kelly, KA5MGL, kboswell@aetn.org
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> [beginning quote]
> For those you you who may be trying to get on 17 meters, I have discovered
> that the Frequency 18100.15 was filled with an unusual noise that sounded
> like some sort of computer hash.  Someday it was there and some days it
> not.  I have discovered that it was actually coming from my second
> system in the house.  With the monitor turned off the noise wasn't there.
> Monitor is a CTX VL-710 17 inch multisync monitor Plug n Play
> With the monitor set for 800 x 600 resolution the noise was present.  any
> other resolution was fine.  I then discovered that the last time I had to
> rebuild my windows installation (this is starting to become a real pain),
> it did not load the specific driver for the CTX monitor, but rather the
> standard MS driver for plug and play monitors.  It looks like I was having
> a problem with the horizontal scan frequency.  With the correct driver
> loaded,
> I get no RFI now anywhere on the radio.  Evidently, if you use the
> incorrect
> scan frequency, this monitor just sings all kind of harmonics which were
> being picked up by may antenna located 50 feet from the house.  
> de Jeff  KD5YG
> [ending quote]

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