[RFI] 2.4 GHz Phones

Wendell Wyly W5FL Wendell Wyly W5FL" <w5fl@flash.net
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 20:18:39 -0500

Based on some fine input that I received from this list, I ordered the Gigaset
2420 two line phone system with three cordless extensions.

I was able to converse with the Siemens engineer that had performed the RFI
testing of the system and realize that I will need to strip the rf from the
phone line to see how well the system is going to work.

Sure hope it works well as that will also solve my requirement for an Intercom
and a couple more two line cordless phones without another 1000 feet of wire
in the house.

At the present time I enjoy an RFI problem free house running a KW on all
bands to a 2 element quad on a 20 meter Rohn tilt over tower located about 30
feet from the house as well as wire antennas from the tower for 40 and 80
meters.  My house sets on 10 acres hill top location in the county and have
only had one neighbor that had a problem of any kind and it was with his
telephone.  I gave him a Radio Shack Phone Filter and a Radio Shack Phone (no
electronics) and never heard any more from him.

My son is a ham and lives in the house on the other side and has speaker
wiring and hi fi stuff and lots of phones.  Absolutely no interference of any
type in that direction.

Thanks to everyone that helped me sort this thing out and if anyone has any
experience with this phone system, please let me know.  The phone should be
arriving next week.

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