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Received a couple of e-mails asking how did I get RFI free house with KW.
Been doing this for 45 years so hard to explain in a short message.  First RFI
complaint was in 1955 getting into a tube type phono.  Guy lived 6 long blocks
away and since it was AM, he didn't want it fixed - he enjoyed listening to

In San Diego lived on 6 acres up in mountains of Jamul with 100 ft high quad
antenna with low band dipoles 200 feet from house and 60 feet above it.  Took
hi pass filter on TV antenna as we were in an extreme fringe area.  Took heavy
grounded desktop with all equipment grounded and grounded to good ground
system with low pass filter on transceiver and a drake low pass on KW output.
Long proximity of antenna to house worked wonders.

Weatherford Texas is a hilltop location on 10 acres.  Here used 20 meter Rohn
Fold over tower about 30 feet from house with 2 el cubical quad for 5 bands
and dipoles for the rest. 2 meter antenna on tower.  Thought metal roof on
house would help, but couldn't see much difference grounded or un grounded.
Fields from dipoles got in garage door opener, computer, keyboard, etc.
Bought about 100 radio shack clip on ferrites and several that you could wind
cable up on.  Put them on every single line in and out of the computer,
monitor (finally had to replace monitor with Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 87TXM to
get the monitor out of my FT1000MP).  Put ferrites on every cable in audio
component system and all speaker leads.  Finally had to remove the speaker
wires from Pioneer 55 inch large screen TV as it resisted all measures and
were not being used anyway since external speakers were used.  Made homemade
telephone filters and put on all telephone lines.  Replaced original phone
lines that were NOT twisted pairs with twisted pairs.  Threw out all of the GE
2 line telephones.  Radio Shack simple fones are as bullet proof as old Bell
System types.  Uniden 900 Mhz cordless worked well but required filters on
phone line.  Have 600 Mhz Compac Athalon and it is a well shielded Class B
computer and is much better than my original one.  Zoom external modem is
better than original internal no name modem.  Scanner is clean, both printers
are clean. A couple of ferrites over antenna rotator, mouse, keyboard cables.
Everything on the operating table is grounded to buss and that goes to a good
external grounding system.

Didn't say it was easy, but it is effective and nice to be able to operate a
contest or dx while the family goes about all of their audio/video tasks and
the neighbors don't call.  Having 10 acres certainly helps as I absolutely set
a criteria to not allow any neighbors within 300 feet of my antenna system and
that has served me well on neighbor problems, but I would not want to have
anyone come to my house and have any problem there.  There is no TVI, but
there are also ferrites on some of the RG59 lines running throughout a tv/rf
distribution system in a 4000 sq ft log house with dimensions of 100 ft deep
by 60 feet wide.  There are also ferrites on the incoming phone lines since
the phone company here won't filter their own lines.  I also furnished a phone
and phone filters for my closest neighbor that originally received some

Just bought the Siemens phone, will let the group know if that works.  I want
it so bad, that I would spend a little time getting it to work well.  3
portable phones on 2 lines that can intercom or mix on phone lines in any
combination.  Great idea if it is compatible.

Wendell W5FL
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At the present time I enjoy an RFI problem free house running a KW on all
bands to a 2 element quad on a 20 meter Rohn tilt over tower located about 30
feet from the house as well as wire antennas from the tower for 40 and 80
meters.  My house sets on 10 acres hill top location in the county and have
only had one neighbor that had a problem of any kind and it was with his
telephone.  I gave him a Radio Shack Phone Filter and a Radio Shack Phone (no
electronics) and never heard any more from him.

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