[RFI] Next Steps

David C. Cleveland David C. Cleveland" <ki0nd@sprynet.com
Tue, 1 Feb 2000 22:01:41 -0700

First I want to thank everyone who responded to my plea.  It reinforces my
belief in this fraternity and strengthens my faith in the good intentions of
others.  I will personally thank each of you who responded via e-mail.

My next steps:  One of the most important things for both Karen and I is a
cooling off period.  For me, these past 24 hours have been important for me
in getting my blood pressure down, for me not to react inappropriately to
the hostility she has presented, and for me to assess whatís next.  I hope
for her it has been an opportunity to read the materials I have provided.  I
donít believe she has, but I must give her that opportunity.
My next steps however are:
1)	Contact other area amateurs for assistance.  This has been good in that I
was able to search Hamcall and found several amateurs literally within a few
blocks of my house.  One in particular is an engineer and is willing to help
me evaluate my shack and even has access to a good spectrum analyzer to
ensure I am in full compliance with Part 97.  (I am sure I am, but it will
be good to go through the exercise in case I have to prove it at a later
date).  Others I am sure will be willing to review my setup and talk about
how theyíve dealt with such issues.
2)	Contact my ARRL TC.  Tomorrow Iíll be e-mailing my section TC and see if
he too would be available to lend assistance.  In my opinion, the more eyes
I have on my station, Iíll either gain insight to be able to make my
operation bullet proof, or verify that my station is already there.
(Besides, Iím proud of what Iíve put together here).
3)	It may be subtle, and it may go without saying, but I will clean up my
shack in anticipation of giving shack tours.  By keeping the room neat and
tidy it will further reinforce the conscious (or sub-conscious) perception
that I am a capable, and expert station operator.
4)	Operate with a clear conscience, with the appropriate power level to
complete communications, and in such a way as to exemplify ďThe Amateurís
5)	Keep a complete and detailed log of all transmissions.

Special thanks to Ed Hare, W1RFI  for updating the RFI page today.  Great
timing and great information!

To answer a few questions some of you hadÖ..yes my antenna is strictly
legal.  Before moving into the house my wife assured me that my (then
proposed) antenna was fine (she should know since her job is cell site
acquisition for a wireless carrier and her expertise is in zoning
ordinances)ÖÖ.yes, you may use the letter as a template for your own
situation, however, I make no representation, express or implied, that you
will achieve any positive resultÖ.....No Iím not a lawyer, professor, or
clergyman.  I am Manager of Fixed Assets and Project Accounting for Level 3
Communications, essentially an accountant.  Previously I have held positions
in the wireless industry where I provided decision support for senior
management in joint venture partnerships.  It required conciseness and
clarity of communication, tact, and patience since I had to strike a balance
between senior management of each partner and the managers in charge of
actually running the operation. Among other things I learned that you have
to listen to learn, no one ever looked foolish listening, and that the same
sun that hardens adobe, softens butter.  In other words, this problem
probably has less to do with what I do than with what is in Karenís heart.

Iíll keep the list posted as to further developments.  Thanks again for the

David C. Cleveland
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