[RFI] question regarding Carrier furnace

dj2001@isd.net dj2001@isd.net
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:12:31 -0500

I called Carrier up today and asked the question to their tech 
support group.  They said there have been instances with rfi but only 
when the equipment was in close proximity to the thermostat wiring. 
He said close like inches or in the same wall.   I'll let you know. 
Dale J.

>	A rcvr will tell you if it makes noise.  That is important,
>especially for DXers or contesters.
>	But do you also transmit?  Kinda hard to set-up, but that's the
>other half of the EMI problem when it comes to susceptable equipment: Does
>it respond to RFI in a unwanted manner? i.e. unit shuts down or starts up
>suddenly, etc.
>	The only way to prepare for this in such a purchase is to warn to
>sales people that you have transmitting equipment, that you expect their
>equipment not to respond to RF, and if it does negotiate an acceptable
>resolution before the problem is found. 
>	There is a warranty, and they will get tired of being called out, so
>it's in their interest to resolve ALL problems.  Good luck with your
>	73,
>	de ed -K0iL
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