[RFI] Spray Shielding?

Ed Sleight Ed Sleight <k4sb@mindspring.com>
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:26:12 +0000

"J. Bradshaw" wrote:
> I once heard of a product that came in a spray can that could be used to
> coat the inside of a plastic cabinet for shielding.  Is this still around?
> Where can I find some?

Many many years ago, I bought a couple of spray cans of this stuff. I
seriously doubt it is available today. Although marked clearly to spray
in the open, I did it in the garage, and nearly choked to death on the

It is highly toxic, poisonous, ect. I have managed to quiet down a
couple of monitors by using aluminum foil wrap around the case. I used
copper screen wire for the vent holes on top ( glued on ), the the AL,
glued, and finally a 
small ground wire to chassis.


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