[RFI] Spray Shielding?

Bill Coleman AA4LR Bill Coleman AA4LR <aa4lr@radio.org>
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 07:53:13 -0400

On 6/12/00 7:32 AM, J. Bradshaw at ac6tk@cybertime.net wrote:

>I once heard of a product that came in a spray can that could be used to
>coat the inside of a plastic cabinet for shielding.  Is this still around?
>Where can I find some?

I used a product like this on a Wyse 85 Terminal years ago. It was in a 
plastic case with no sheilding of the monitor. I don't remember what it 
was called. I found it at a local electronics supply place.

It sprays on as a black coating, and is supposed to absorb EMI. I found 
it worked somewhat. I don't know if it was worth the trouble.

Most of my EMI from the terminal came from the keyboard and cable. The 
cable succumbed to placing a ferrite rod in its coils, but I never could 
find a good way to shield the keyboard.

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