[RFI] Computer monitors that are RFI quiet

Bill Coleman AA4LR Bill Coleman AA4LR <aa4lr@radio.org>
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 09:02:22 -0400

On 6/12/00 6:42 PM, Randy----WX5L at wx5l@home.com wrote:

>I have 3 NEC MultiSync XE17's and none produce any birdies whatsoever.
>I was foolish and bought a Dell 17" and now it's up on the top shelf. It was
>full of harmonics.

One of the things that propelled me to the Macintosh years ago was the 
high quality of the hardware. All equipment meets or exceeds FCC type B 
certification. I've never had an RFI problem from Apple equipment.

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