[RFI] 2001 Ford fuel pump noise

Mike Lazaroff K3AIR k3air@arrl.net
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 21:09:46 -0700

Let me add a little to this.  I have a 1990 Taurus wagon.  I run a Yaesu
FT-900 HF mobile and a screwdriver antenna.  When I installed the rig, I
bonded the hood to the firewall, the front fenders to the firewall, the
engine block to the firewall, the exhaust to the frame, and the doors to the
body.  There is very little noise most of the time, and what there is the
rig's noise blanker takes out.  I've had very good luck with HF from this
car compared to others I've owned.  Unfortunately, the car is getting to the
point mileage-wise where I will likely have to replace it in the next year
or so and I sure don't look forward to paying the ridiculous prices that
cars go for now (along with being ripped-off every time I buy gas).

73, Mike K3AIR

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> Bob,
> I drove a Taurus for a few years, and had fuel pump noise too. But the
> on my rigs DID cut it out. Are you sure it's getting in via the antenna?
> as if it might be in your audio stages, which would point towards DC power
> noise. Oh, one thing I did have to do was ground the exhaust pipe to the
> it was conducting noise towards the antenna feedpoint (frame mounted
> I used both a 735 and a 706 and a 290H in the Taurus with no great
> thereafter.
> Cortland
> Bob Morrow wrote:
> > An update to my quest to remove the fuel pump noise in my 2001 Ford
> > full size van:
> >
> > It can't be done, or if it can, I don't know how to.
> >
> > I am getting s7 fuel pump noise and even after installing a filter (with
> > two caps & an inductor in it) in line with the pump's + side a few
> > from the pump itself, I heard no difference in noise. This is after the
> > dealer did an RFI TSB which did help a lot on the AM side of the stock
> > radio, but it made no difference on the ham radio.
> >
> > I know positively that it is the fuel pump; after I cut the wire I
> > the ignition on - no noise.
> >
> > So the Icom 706/2g is coming out.  All HF bands are completely useless
> > this much noise.
> >
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