[RFI] 2001 Ford fuel pump noise

Bob Morrow bob.morrow@tibpriors.org
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 22:38:22 -0600

At 05:42 PM 08/25/01 Saturday, Cortland Richmond wrote:
>I drove a Taurus for a few years, and had fuel pump noise too. But the 
>on my rigs DID cut it out. Are you sure it's getting in via the antenna? 
>as if it might be in your audio stages, which would point towards DC power
>noise. Oh, one thing I did have to do was ground the exhaust pipe to the 
>it was conducting noise towards the antenna feedpoint (frame mounted antenna).
>I used both a 735 and a 706 and a 290H in the Taurus with no great problems

The noise is coming down the antenna; disconnecting it removed the 
noise.  I didn't ground the exhaust pipe though.  The NB on the 706 is 
pretty good, but it can't overcome S7 noise.  I doubt even my ClearSpeech 
unit could.

I haven't completely removed the Icom yet, all I did was remove the antenna 
& tuner, which are easily re-installed. The antenna was mounted on the 
steel bumper one foot from where the exhaust pipe came out.

I didn't have this problem in a 2000 Windstar with the same radio; but I 
did have -digital- noise on most of 80m in that van.

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