[RFI] Nutone intercom problem

Ed - K0iL Ed - K0iL <k0il@arrl.net>
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 17:02:31 -0600

Dave obviously has some experience with the NuTone units and a lot of good 
info to start resolving the problem.  And the Palomar guy's info on flat 
ribbon cable split ferrites is also a great idea.  I still feel it is 
important for the neighbor who owns this equipment and even the ham 
involved to make their voices heard loud & clear whether or not NuTone 
actually makes it themselves or just imports & sells it.  If they receive 
no complaints they'll go right on selling the junk.  They may do that 
anyway so filing a EMI/RFI complaint with ARRL, EIA or whoever is 
interested may help.
de ed -K0iL

On Sunday, 07 January, 2001 1:01 PM, David Jordan [SMTP:wa3gin@erols.com] 
> NuTONE doesn't design or buid this equipment...they sell it here in the
> states...the equipment is built in China or other Pacific rim
> countries.  There is no technical support here in the USA...just pure
> sales and marketing to your local electrical distributor.  Don't waste
> you time going down a technical support path, there ain't one...it's
> junk just like most consumer electronics sold these days.

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