[RFI] power lines, contd.

Pete Smith Pete Smith <n4zr@contesting.com>
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 09:51:49 -0500

What is considered to be a normal, acceptable level of noise radiation from
high voltage transmission lines?  I was out looking for my 80m noise source
yesterday, and noticed when approaching a paired set of lines -- one EHV
500+ KV and one smaller, on wood poles -- that the noise level on my car
radio (set to a vacant AM channel) started to rise a half mile away and was
really intense near and under the lines.  I also found two old transformer
poles that were particularly noisy, well above the general level.  The
lines they are on are perpendicular to the transmission lines.  Is it
likely, since they are "bathed" in the noise field from the transmission
line, that they are simply reradiating it?

Fionally, about 3/8 mile away is a run of three relatively new poles
parallel to the transmission line.  My car radio indicated one, maybe two
of these as strong radiators.  Because they are parallel to the
transmission line, though at a considerable distance, is it likely this,
too, is reradiation?  How can I tell?

I've referred to the ARRL RFI book and Loftness's book, and found no
specific answers to these questions.  I'm not anxiously to call on the
power company on a false alarm.


73, Pete N4ZR
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