[RFI] USB cable modem and 10M

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This might sound odd, but it seems to me that you could have a cable in
your modem system that just happens to be resonant on 10 meters.  Multiple
beads might help; however, one way to find out is to either lengthen or
shorten one (or all) of the cables going to/from the modem.  Coiling the
cables into a tight bundle might have a similar effect, as could winding
the cables around a large ferrite toroid or rod.

One question:  what about operation on higher bands?  Have you tried 6m or
2m at 100 watts, or more?

Best luck.

73, Dale

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Hello list members,
  My DCM-200 (D-Link) usb cable modem will stop working and go into a
resync cycle if I am on 10m phone with as little as 60w out pep. None of
the other HF bands affect the modem at all even with 800w pep output.  I
had added a pair of clip on ferrites to the modem incoming coax (no
help) and also to the usb cable (no help). My station has a good earth
electrical ground with a common tie point which is also tied to the
service ac ground.  As I mentioned this is only on 10m....
  I have searched the RFI list archives but did not see anything
directly related to my situation. Any and all replies are very welcomed
at this time....

73  /  DX

Charles T Johnston
Prescott, Arizona - U.S.A.

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