[RFI] USB cable modem and 10M

Charles Johnston ctj92@cableone.net
Wed, 28 Nov 2001 08:07:35 -0700

Hello Dale,
   Thanks for the email and your suggestions.  I have done some
'housecleaning' here on the cables behind the computer desk and also the
cables behind the station desk.  That effort along with a couple
ferrites on the sub woofer DC supply line has relieved the audio
feedback I was getting through the computer speakers on 10m and 20m.  No
audio feedback now 10-80 m (qro)  So progress has been charted there..

  As to the cable modem / 10m (qro) problem I placed the cable modem
inside a metal enclosure (two baking pans) and that had no effect at
all.  I can now run 10m (60w pep) and the modem stays on with no
re-training so evidently the cable housecleaning / rearranging has
helped that issue somewhat.

 I will look at the coax length going to the cable modem.....thank

73  /  DX

Charles T Johnston
Prescott, Arizona - U.S.A.

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