[RFI] FW: [K0USA-AKSARBENtalk] Traffic Signal RFI

Jim Smith jimsmith@bigvalley.net
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 05:29:01 -0700

    Many communities including my own are replacing the old incandescent
traffic lights with the new, more brilliant lights made up of several LEDs.
They are more expensive, but use only a fraction of the power used by the
old ones. This was brought on by the energy crises.
    Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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>Since the
> intersection to Home Depot is new, I notice it has a new style of cross
> lights that appear much brighter than ones using ordinary incadescent
lamps.  I
> wonder if these are some type of low energy, long life gas discharge lamps
> similar to the ones that have been written up in QST that are known to
> RFI?