[RFI] New house wiring/Verizon

Chris Adams n4vi@arrl.net
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:18:05 -0700


Our remodel was for all practical purposes a new house.  Our electrical 
contractor wired up cable, phone and LAN.  We used shielded CAT 5 for 
both phone and LAN and whatever the regular coax is for TV/video 
(RG-11?).  Also had the fire/smoke alarm folks use shielded cable as 
well.   I then put some of the clip on ferrites throughout the house 
before the drywall went up.

I would insist your subcontractor use shielded  CAT-5 (or whatever cable 
you use).  

Speaking of cable, I was speaking with the AT&T broadband folks yesterda 
y about cable network, etc and they would have used regular phone line. 

However, I can't tell you if anything works yet as we haven't moved back 
in.  I should know more next week.


chris, n4vi

ke2n@cs.com wrote:

>I am building a new house. Electrical contractor has suggested using 
>Verizon to do the comm wiring  (www.verizoncsi.com). This will be phone, cable tv/video and LAN.
>Has anyone got experience with this? (it's an east coast operation)
>Is it worthwhile using shielded LAN and phone cables? Verizon says theirs are unsheilded (they use coax for the video of course).
>Any other hints for new house construction?
>Thanks, Ken
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