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It's funny that your message just arrived at the same time a Verizon
craftsman is visiting my neighbor.  My neighbor who by the way is a ham has
no knowledge of RFI except that he doesn't understand how HF radio (My
Station) can get into him TV, stereo, telephones etc.  As you may be aware
this is always a tedious situation.

A few weeks ago another ham in the area shared an extra RFI telco filter
with me that he obtained from a Northern Jersey telco guy (Verizon).  So now
I have a part number for you!

Keptel (ANTEC company) #90931 RFI-P Filter

This filter installs in the newer style NID (Network Interface Device) or
better known as the gray box outside of the home where ALL telecom lines
should terminate.

Note: not ALL homes have the same style NID and many have no NID at all.

Having just chatted with the crafts person, he found that he had a total of
four of these on his truck. Three for me and one for the neighbor.  In my
case he will have to change the NID out for a new style to accept the RFI
plugins and install a NID for the neighbor who only has a drop run into the
home with no type of protection.

I'll advise the group with results pro or con.

My next effort will be searching out RFI proof phones - Looking for one and
two line phones.  Best guess if I find them they will not have any feature's
i.e. speaker phone memories etc.

If anyone has had real world experience with these types of products please
share your information with the group.


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I am building a new house. Electrical contractor has suggested using
Verizon to do the comm wiring  (www.verizoncsi.com). This will be phone,
cable tv/video and LAN.

Has anyone got experience with this? (it's an east coast operation)

Is it worthwhile using shielded LAN and phone cables? Verizon says theirs
are unsheilded (they use coax for the video of course).

Any other hints for new house construction?

Thanks, Ken

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