[RFI] CNN.com - Internet access via power lines reborn inEurope - August 28, 2001

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Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:43:20 -0400

The problem with only fiber and no satellite is rural areas (and some
not-so-rural).  Until the 'phone companies completely "rewire" *all* lines with
fiber, there will be many areas with no high-speed connections except by
satellite; latency,  prop. delay, tapping issues aside (we won't even talk about
problems where they effectively "crash and burn" - a bit hard to send someone with
a bucket truck to take a look!).  And, I agree completely that "secure/untappable"
is an oxymoron.

 The issue of "rewiring" is both financial, technical, and regulatory.  Financial
in that there is a huge investment that must first must be written down be it
'phone lines or cable TV. Technical; there are still many pieces of hardware that
have not yet been designed or are expensive/primitive - e.g., check out the price
of an optical modem.  What is needed are small "taps" that can be placed on the
optical waveguide line to provide bidirectional communications; these could be all
optical or a small "modem" powered by the coax from the house - at some point (for
the forseeable future) one must eventually convet the optical information to
electrical.  It is still tough to make high-effeciency lasers (at the correct
wavelengths) and how channelization may occur is not yet completely clear.
Regulatory: there is a serious fight among the 'phone companies, cable companies,
and satellite providers for the market - all will lobby (kind choice of word here)
the policy makers (all countries) to the hilt.  Of course, the present turndown in
telecom doesn't help a bit and delays are certain.  As one involved in the
photonics business (R&D level) I (and mny of my peers) still find it unbelievable
that people being paid huge $$$$$$$$ could not see when the balloon was going to

73,  Tom - WA2BPE

Jon Ogden wrote:

> on 8/31/01 2:34 PM, WA2BPE at wa2bpe@exotrope.net wrote:
> > The real answers to broadband are satellite and fiber optics to the home (or
> > at least to the curb).
> Well, satellites have horrible latency issues and propagation delays.  Makes
> for game problems, steaming video conferencing, etc.  At least 250
> milliseconds of delay.  And since your internet feed is being broadcast from
> geosynchronous orbit, half the entire world could pick up your internet data
> if they wanted too.
> So I don't find satellite to be any less "private" than power line or cable
> modems.  And anyhow, since all our communication goes over an internet
> backbone, nothing is really "private."
> I do agree - fiber to the home is the best solution.
> My problem with the power line issue is that of the radiation and
> interference for sure.
> 73,
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