[RFI] CNN.com - Internet access via power lines reborn in Europe - August 28, 2001

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Mon, 3 Sep 2001 09:52:40 -0400

Thanks for the helpful background and search information.  Most of what I
found was in German and I will enlist K1JE for some translation help.  As
you noted, this situation has been evolving for some time there but I did
not realize the standards had to be RELAXED to permit the operations.

As Ed Hare has pointed out, the present US FCC Part 15 levels can (and in my
case, do) cause harmful EMI for my DX chasing but tracking them down and
getting the offending device out of service has been a very touchy situation
in my neighborhood (suburban city).  When I saw this article, I could only
envision further spurious interference levels.  I was taking some comfort in
knowing that the European standards on EMI have historically been more
restrictive :-)  But, once again, maybe we still have not figured out how to
overrule the laws of Physics.

I also support deployment of the optical communications infrastructure and
was quite interested in comments from some of the guys here about the
optical backbone on power line communications etc.  and the methods used to
make the electrical/optical transition.  My local problems here with CATV
interference etc have not been the distribution equipment but have been the
"premium" channel converters and other specific interface devices.

Power lines have always been a good antenna for this stuff but I have taken
some comfort in being able to filter out RF from the "normal" power
frequencies.  That changes dramatically when the RF spectrum starts to be
part of the conducted power line "signal".  Maybe some of the knowledgeable
power system guys here can shed some light on how this could connection can
be made to simply conduct and not radiate :-)

73, George .. W1ZT

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> This has been going on in Germany for months. YEars, actually. It is big
> news there. I alerted the ARRL to the "Nein zu PLC" efforts German hams
> and SW broadcasters are taking and found a few Web pages to look at.
> However, I am at present away form home and don't have the URL's with e.
> Searching on "Nein zu PLC" will get a good hook into this area.  I also
> alerted one of the professional EMC magazines to this, and on top of
> that, a European ham spoke at length on the problem at the ham radio
> luncheon of the just-finished IEEE EMC Symposium in Montreal.
> One point to note is the the German government had to RAISE the
> permitted level of interference to make deployment of this technology
> possible, and the now infamous NB30 conflicts with several other
> European NOrms regarding radio interference. This has not pleased
> Germany's European partners, and Germany may have to back off on NB30 as
> it conflicts with European-wide standards Germany has agreed to enforce.
> Cortland