[RFI] Sony WEGA RFI Problems

EDWARDS, EDDIE J eedwards@oppd.com
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:41:37 -0500

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> From:	Peter D. Vouvounas 
> We have four TV's in our home with
> Microwave video / audio distribution - 3 of the four sets are Sony and
> none
> of them except the XBR appears to cause any problem on HF.
	That's interesting.  Must be something in the XBR's design.
Something fundamental for it to be in the design this long!

> Ed- When the XBR is opened up what are your recommendations for ferrite's
> on
> the internal speaker wires???? Did it help / how many turns, anything
> special I need to know?
	On my XBR, the audio rectification was tremendously loud.  Ferrites
on all cabling on the outside only reduced to to mildly loud.  When I
finally got up the gumption to crack her open and try internal ferrites, I
was glad to see the audio board had PCB connectors on the speaker wires and
PLENTY of wire as well.  That was probably a contributing factor --the long
unneccessary excessive length of speaker wire-- but it helped for making the
RFchoke.  I put over a dozen or more turns on the square Rad Shack ferrites
and the audio rectification was completely gone!  Wife was happy, kids were
happy, I was contesting again!

	Don't know about the new case design but the old one was really
flimsy for how heavy the TV is.  Very difficult to pull apart without it
falling all apart.

> When I fire up my big amp "EMTRON" with the GU84B it drives my powered sub
> woofer nuts.  I was not too surprised by this.  Simple resolution is to
> turn
> it from auto power on to off hihi.  Haven't installed any ferrite's on
> this
> beast yet.
	I gave up on my powered sub-woofer.  I run my audio through my
EMI-clean sound system so the sub woofer was redundant anyway.  It'll
probably take internal ferrites to clean it up.  Nothing external worked on

> I'm still dealing with my 2-line GE phone in the shack/office that totals
> out from a 1/4 watt VHF/UHF signal much less HF at any power.   The trick
> here is to find good RFI proof multi function phones for the upstairs.  I
> don't believe my wife (N2THE) would accept standard 500 set type phones as
> replacement.  One company that I checked on for RFI proof phones was
> offering the 500 style set about a year ago.  In my home probably similar
> to
> others you don't mess with the XYL's phone or she'll cut my air-core lines
> to the antennas hihi.  I'm not kidding!!
	Good luck.  Multi-function phones can be a nightmare, but look at
your house cabling to map it out.  It might need re-routing to shorten runs
or keep them from being routed near your antennas.  Otherwise, ferrites &
chokes, ferrites & chokes, sometimes I wish the stuff would just smoke!

	I'm glad my xyl (KC0DXi) is afraid of my cables & stuff!

	de ed -K0iL