[RFI] Sony WEGA RFI Problems

Bruce wd4ngb@qsl.net
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:05:14 +0000

I have a new 34 inch Sony and the picture is GREAT, but very bad TVI on
audio and video both. Called Sony and got the run-around. My OLD TV 
never had a blink or sound from radio. The Sony is wiped out on both 
Cable and Dish sat installations . Last Sony product that will enter my 
 GL.... Bruce

"Turner, Robert D. Jr" wrote:
> I was about to purchase a Sony WEGA.  Is the XBR common to all WEGAs or just
> some.  I guess I should reconsider my purchase.
> I live alone, so it would be easy to turn it off when I'm on HF.
> I wonder how much of an interference evaluation at the Video Store I could
> do with the AOR 8000 scanner that gets HF?
> BobT
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> Ed,
> I could kick myself for not asking about recommendation's here first before
> I went out and purchased the Sony.  We have four TV's in our home with
> Microwave video / audio distribution - 3 of the four sets are Sony and none
> of them except the XBR appears to cause any problem on HF.
> I'll keep the group advised should we find any resolution on my end.
> Ed- When the XBR is opened up what are your recommendations for ferrite's on
> the internal speaker wires???? Did it help / how many turns, anything
> special I need to know?
> When I fire up my big amp "EMTRON" with the GU84B it drives my powered sub
> woofer nuts.  I was not too surprised by this.  Simple resolution is to turn
> it from auto power on to off hihi.  Haven't installed any ferrite's on this
> beast yet.
> I'm still dealing with my 2-line GE phone in the shack/office that totals
> out from a 1/4 watt VHF/UHF signal much less HF at any power.   The trick
> here is to find good RFI proof multi function phones for the upstairs.  I
> don't believe my wife (N2THE) would accept standard 500 set type phones as
> replacement.  One company that I checked on for RFI proof phones was
> offering the 500 style set about a year ago.  In my home probably similar to
> others you don't mess with the XYL's phone or she'll cut my air-core lines
> to the antennas hihi.  I'm not kidding!!
> 73
> PeterV WB3FSR
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> To: 'wb3fsr@home.com'; RFI
> Subject: RE: [RFI] Sony WEGA RFI Problems
> Well Peter, it looks like the new WEGA XBR is still the same old "Noisey"
> XBR as my old 1989 XBR.  I hope you have better luck with yours than I did.
> The HF noise, worse on 15/17/20 meters, usually became stronger the closer
> the TV got to failure mode.  Usually the power supply failed.  I had it
> repaired 3 times in last 12 years.  After the last failure this spring, I
> went out & bought a Panasonic.  No NOISE & NO TVI!!!  Didn't even have to
> install ferrites on the internal speaker wires like I did on the XBR.
> I also got the "buy a RS powerline filter" runaround from Sony.  They didn't
> have anything else to offer when I told them I already did.  I first owned
> the XBR when I lived in an apartment so I didn't discover the noise until I
> bought a house & set-up the HF shack there.  While I had it in for one of
> the numerous repairs, I explained that HF noise was eminating from the TV's
> case, but they said that's normal!  The next shop said they'd try to fix the
> HF noise, but didn't.  I called to ask why it still had noise on HF, and
> they said they couldn't hear any noise.  Suddenly dawned on me they meant
> with their EARS!  They didn't know what I meant by HF.  (It's so hard to get
> good help these days!)  In that same shop, the manager actually offered me a
> job when he saw me fiddling with the TV in their lobby while I waited for
> them to unload my TV.  He said none of his techs could get it to look that
> good after hours of work.  That should've been a clue.
> If anyone wants a Free broken XBR with lot's of inputs & outputs, drive on
> over to Omaha and it's yours, ferrites & all!  My wife wants it out of the
> basement.  I keep saying I'll get rid of it after I tear it apart for the
> ferrites, but never seem to have the time.  Plus it'd be easier to haul out
> in pieces; the XBR's are damn heavy!!!
> Although the XBR trinitrons have a great picture, the EMI-EMC quality is a
> real problem with Sony.  And they don't really care since only a small
> number of customers will be affected.  I recommend Panasonic or maybe JVC
> which also has great picture quality, but I have no experience with JVC.
> Panasonic just had the better price for features available.
> 73,
> de ed -K0iL
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> > From: Peter D. Vouvounas
> > Have any of you experienced and or found a cure for broadband noise
> > emitted
> > from the Sony WEGA XBR TV???
> >
> > A couple of months ago we placed a new home theater system in our living
> > room which includes a new flat screen 36" WEGA XBR.
> >
> > Shortly after we installed a new amateur antenna system on an 18' roof
> > tower
> > atop our home (5 Band HEX BEAM, 2 very long M2 VHF/UHF yagi's, Carolina
> > Windom hanging off the tower and a G7 Hustler Collinear on the top of the
> > 24' boom.
> >
> > Besides lot's O electrical line noise on 20 - 10 meters I discovered an S6
> > level of noise that's generated by the Sony TV that runs from approx. 13
> > MHz
> > through 16.5 MHz.
> >
> > It took a number of months to find this one due to the TV not normally on
> > when I'm in the HAM shack (basement Office / Ham Shack)  Now enter
> > granddaughter (3.5 yrs old) and boom - What in the World is that noise on
> > 20
> > Meters HIHI.
> >
> > Between this and the electrical noise's that I've been "working" with GPU
> > power, it's more than a challenge to work decent DX.
> >
> > Earlier I tried to share my step by step log with the group related to the
> > electrical escapades, but I've never seen it show up on the list
> > distribution.  I may try this again for others input regarding any new
> > approaches.
> >
> > Contacted Sony customer service and their fist response included going to
> > Radio Snack and purchasing a TVI filter @$%@#$% following a slightly more
> > demanding request for escalation they issues me a case number with a
> > listing
> > of three TV repair shops to select from.  Sony indicated that they will
> > pay
> > for an authorized TV servicer to come out and measure the emission levels
> > from the WEGA.  Well need I even mention that none of them have the test
> > equipment to do this and in most cases lack the knowledge.
> >
> > One of the three servicers appeared to be a little more knowledgeable with
> > regard to noise generation (A little) and suggested that he may replace
> > the
> > "D Module and black box" with a real flyback and new D Module board.  Now
> > this resolution is for a different style of problem but its his best
> > guess.
> > Sony gave him the authorization to do this when the parts arrive in a
> > couple
> > of weeks.
> >
> > Of course some concerns exist in my mind - sort of sounds like stabbing in
> > the dark.  Moving a home theater system around when the TV alone weighs
> > between 200 & 300 pounds is no fun HIHI.
> >
> > 73 Look forward to any thoughts.
> >
> > PeterV [REN]  WB3FSR
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