Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 8:21:12 -0800

Preventive suggestions (required to be included as a user aid) do NOT
relieve device manufacturers of their obligation to users that proper
operation not cause harmful interference. Most states have legislation
prohibiting the marketing or sale of items in a condition unsuitable for
their intended use, and since harmful interference means you can't legally
USE a device, it seems to me that is unsuitable. But I'm no lawyer.


>From Section 15.15 General technical requirements.
(c) Parties responsible for equipment compliance should note that the
limits specified in this Part will not prevent harmful interference under
all circumstances. Since the operators of Part 15 devices are required to
cease operation should harmful interference occur to authorized users of
the radio frequency spectrum, the parties responsible for equipment
compliance are encouraged to employ the minimum field strength necessary
for communications, to provide greater attenuation of unwanted emissions
than required by these regulations, and to advise the user as to how to
resolve harmful interference problems (for example, see Section 15.105(b)).

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> Re part 15: I guess you are right, however, what got my attention is that
the little instruction folder in the box says that if a receiver connected
to the device suffers interference, you should move it to at different
outlet. (Of course, that means an outlet NOT in your bedroom!)
> Ken