[RFI] RFI Cordless Phones

John Brosnahan shr@ricc.net
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 09:20:58 -0600


Sounds like your Siemens 2-line phone has a problem--or maybe
there is some other source of 2GHz interference in the area, limiting
effective coverage.

I have a Siemens 2-line phone at my CO home and it works VERY
well.  I think the model number is 2410--anyway, 2 lines and an
answering machine.  While it doesn't have 10 acre coverage it
does cover a radius of about 300 ft around the house and anywhere
within the house/basement of a large and complex home.

I don't use any caller ID, so can't comment on that, but I have never
had a problem answering or originating a call on any of the three remotes
that I have.

Greater coverage would be beneficial for either our CO place or the
new TX place--but I have to believe that the requirement for a wider
area of coverage is needed by a very small market share.  Not many
people (globally) have 10 or more acres.

In any case, if your phone is the Siemens 2410, I think it has 
a problem if you can't even cover your own home.

--John   W0UN

At 12:15 PM 1/8/2002 -0600, Wendell Wyly W5FL wrote:
>I have a Siemens 2 line cordless phone with answerer that with line RFI
>filtering seems to work ok in KW environment.  The Siemens phone works very
>poorly at my home though and does not have sufficient range to use even in
>the next room.  Very poor range.  It also has several software problems
>including the dial back does not work now that you have to dial 10 digits,
>although the directions say it will work.  It also will not get the Callers
>Name from the Dial Directory if the Caller ID does not include the name
>which in the case of an ISDN phone line is none of the caller ID's have the
>name listed. Half the time you cannot answer the phone from the remote and
>my wife now refuses to even use the Siemens phones anymore.
>So looking for another good cordless phone system:  The web sites offer so
>little information that I need to find someone who really likes theirs:
>Work in KW environment so can be used during contests.
>Range sufficient for 10 acres (750 feet) and log house walls.
>Pick up name from local directory (like my mobile phone does) for caller ID.
>Allow 2 to 4 handsets and answering machine. (I have ISDN digital line - but
>that only affects not getting name with caller id)
>Intercom and transfer to other handset is convenient for antenna work and
>getting calls back to rest of family when you answer one in the shack and it
>is for someone else.
>Good talk time so it doesn't have to set in the charger most of the time.
>Any suggestions appreciated.  Please reply to w5fl@ev1.net as well as the
>list as I haven't received a message on this list since before Christmas.
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