[RFI] Fw: FM on 2.250?

Jamie WW3S jtolbert@gremlan.org
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:26:03 -0500

 I've been plagued with a noise problem here on 160 that has been driving me
crazy. The noise seems centered on 2.250 mc.  Just when I thought it was BCI
 from the local AM station on 1490, I was cycling thru the modes on my TS850
 and it seems to be FM!! With 18db of attentuation and using my C3 the
 is 40db over S9. On my 160m Inv L its 60+ even with the 18db in. It sounded
 like a dead carrier but then I started hearing what sounds like old style
 analog data. No real pattern but every 3-5 minutes it will send small
 of data, almost like a  metering circuit. It also appears to have voice
 traffice on it at times although I can't understand it ( maybe narrow fm?)
 There is a National Fuel pump station close by ( less than 1 mile). Could
 this maybe be their stuff? I've been trying to do the math for
 mixing/rectification/BCI on the 1490 station as the 3rd harmonic is very
 loud on 4.470
 but isn't that loud on 2.980. I don't think it commercial power.....and not
sure abouot BCI...
Anybody  have any ideas?

73 Jamie WW3S