[RFI] Public Service Comm hearing vs Allegheny Pwr.

Tom Horton k5iid@ntelos.net
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:21:00 +0000

To All:
  Well the hearing never really happened today.
The lawyer and technical engineer  from the state, two
attorneys from Allegheny, Keith Page, W8CFL, ( the interference detective)
and his supervisor from Allegheny as well as myself and N8KM...
my moral support... were there.
The hearing was supposed to start at 10, but we started talking
and the whole group of us just ran over the facts  and "demands"
etc. What we came out of there with is:

I get the same time response as a regular service call...
     i.e. new service, discontinuation of service...which means 3 to 5 days
     maximun before someone comes out. This is not near good enough, but
    it's a heck of a lot better that the company has been doing.

I can call directly to my local office (voice mail ) or to Keith's company 
cell phone
when I have a problem and as above they will respond ASAP.

Keith and another man have been enrolled in Mike Martin's RFI school in 
May. I hope
this will help, and I'm sure that it will.

They guarantee that they will continue on with tracking and repairing the 
Up until August 1st, they will have Keith assigned for a number of 
afternoons locating
and marking the poles. This is kind of a good deal since Keith has been taken
off this project and assigned to another part of the operation locally.

They have kinda agreed to a PM program in this area...hope that really 
Some of the stuff here is so old that the insulation is coming off the 
wires. You can see it just
dangling from it.

I have dismissed the case on the condition that if the company does not comply
with these provisions,  then I can reopen this file, file a new one , or 
call the FCC.

We are scheduled to meet again on August 1, and see where we need to go 
from there.

I think that Allegheny Customers on here ought to try and insist on the 
same time frame
of service. It is not good, but much better than a few weeks, to months or 
not at all.

I would advise any of you having problems getting their attention to call 
the state Utility
Commission or the Public Service Commission what ever it is called there.
The WV group has been very good and helpful to me. You don't normally have 
to file a
formal complaint unless they just don't get the job done. I hope I can say 
in a few months
that this action has worked.

We shall see!!!

73, Tom Horton
Tom Horton	
K5IID in West "BY GAWD" Virginia
" E " sorter for the W5 Bureau