[RFI] Ultrasonic receivers

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 22:56:31 +0000

Hi everyone:
Has anyone had any experience using an ultrasonic receiver of some sort to 
find an arc?

American Science and Surplus sells an ultrasonic receiver kit for 18 or 19 
bucks.  I have not tried it but the blurb about it mentions hearing 
electricity arcing among other things.  I've read that one method the pros 
have for finding the exact arc qth is through the use of ultrasonic 
receivers (except theirs are positioned at the focal points of clear plastic 
dishes they can aim).  Anyway for the money it might be worth a try. See: 
I was thinking maybe I could get the kit and kludge something together with 
a big plastic dish, like a giant salad bowl?  do they have to be parabolic 
or just something that gathers the sound?  Okay, it's a little crazy but I'm 
not called a ham for nothing, hi.

Anyone know of a source(s) for something better?  How much do these things 
cost?  Thanks,


Rob Atkinson

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