[RFI] 300-470: ISM?

Jon Ogden na9d-2@speakeasy.net
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 20:38:28 -0600

In some parts of the world, yes, 440 IS an ISM band.

Keep in mind that this transmitter also covers the garage door band, land
mobile band, etc.  Any commercially made products have to meet FCC specs
before being shipped out the door.

Realize too that while we may not like it, the FCC is allowing very low
power part 15 emitters in the 430 band (or thereabout).  Many of your
wireless thermometers, etc. use these frequencies.

The marketing blurb doesn't identify that frequency band properly as ISM
because it is not.  But when putting it together, the knucklehead,
non-technical marketing person that did it probably thought, "Gee, let's see
commerical/industrial land mobile radio is from 450 to 470.  That must make
the band "Industrial, Scientific, and Medical'!

Look at the bright side:  Now you can build a 440 transmitter from scratch
very easily.


on 3/27/02 7:54 PM, Cortland Richmond at ka5s@earthlink.net wrote:

> Snipped from a sponsors blurb on a technology bulletin:
> ===================================================
> Micrel's MICRF102 Single-Chip RF Transmitter for the
> 300MHz to 470MHz ISM band simplifies design and
> manufacture, and requires only 5 external components.
> ==============================================
> So now 440 is an ISM band?