[RFI] 300-470: ISM?

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It is worth visiting the Micrel website.  Yes, they have had devices under
that banner for quite awhile.  The target markets, of course, are the small
wireless gadget makers.  They really have two varieties of chips:  one each
for the spectrum around 300 MHz, and the other for the area around 450 MHz,
including the (jnfamous) 439 MHz slot.  In some cases, one device will work
both ranges, but with different external components.

If you follow links to the sample kits, you will see that they have
European and US samples.  The US kits use the 300 MHz parts.  I have to
presume that SAVI chose to ignore that distinction with their system

Jon, NA9D, is correct in his separate posting with regard to hams being
able to construct various devices with these chips.  Of course, you do need
to be able to work with surface mount parts, but it can be done.  Some
readers on this list may recall that in late 2000, "QEX" ran a multi-part
article on building a ham remote control system using similar parts.  It
was based upon 439 MHz technology.  My one great disappointment in reading
the article series came in the last installment in which the author said
that he did all of the work without the aid of any UHF test equipment.
That meant he had no idea of stability, spectral purity, or actual power
output.  Unreal.

73, Dale

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Snipped from a sponsors blurb on a technology bulletin:


Micrel's MICRF102 Single-Chip RF Transmitter for the

300MHz to 470MHz ISM band simplifies design and

manufacture, and requires only 5 external components.


So now 440 is an ISM band?

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