KE2N@cs.com KE2N@cs.com
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:27:44 EST

The 2002 National Electric Code requires that all new residential 
construction use Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (Square D Arc-D-Tect, for 
example, there are several other vendors).

I recently looked at one of these at the electrical supply store. They are 
very much like a GFI circuit breaker, but have a big FCC Part 15 sticker on 
them. The instructions state that they may cause interference to receivers 
and must accept interference from transmitters, which I suppose is the actual 
definition of a Part 15 device....

Any one have experience with these? Has any organization done RFI tests on 
them? Will all the bedroom lights go out in my new house when I key up my