[RFI] M&S Systems intercom RFI where to start

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Fri, 31 May 2002 01:30:07 -0400

Seeking Help,
 I recently got my station on the Air. After a few nights of operating =
on the 75 meter band with output around 900watts. My next-door neighbor =
informed me I was causing interferance to his M&S systems model 602 =

http://www.mssystems.com/downloads.cfm?file=3D115755d.pdf     install =
diagram for the offending unit MC 602
 He is not argumentative.My neighbor, while allowing me to to try to =
alleviate the problem, He is the curious type. I would like to make some =
progress on my first attempts. Today I hooked up my Uhf remote link to =
Hf allowing me to transmit inside my neighbors home. The audio from the =
interferance my station is causing is showing up on all stations. The =
audio level is very low. My neighbor listens to the intercom in his =
bedroom in the monitor mode. This allows him to listen to his son's room =
across the house. As he prepares for sleep his room becomes very quiet =
and thus (my distorted audio becomes audible on his room intercom =
 He is going to allow me to install some bypass caps and or rf chokes.

 My station consistis of a icom 746 within alc driving a Ameritron AL =
80A feeding RG8U to a 1/2wave inverted V at 40' to the apex. The antenna =
has a very good VSWR
and is 50' from the nearest componet in His intercom system. The antenna =
is broadside to his home .
Need help

Victor Vickers KB4TCU

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