[RFI] M&S Systems intercom RFI where to start

Dave Hachadorian K6LL@adelphia.net
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Let me quote from FCC Bulletin CIB-2, dated May
1995, page 14:


Stereos, electronic organs, and intercom devices,
among others, can react to nearby radio
transmitters. When this happens, the device
improperly functions as a radio receiver. You
should first determine what type of interference
you are receiving. See Part II of this bulletin
for assistance. You may try to relocate the device
within your home. It is usually impractical or
expensive to modify the affected device. Contact
the manufacturer for assistance or consider
changing to another brand or model."

I would call the mfr. again, and read this to the
head honcho, not the service tech, and see if he
can come up with any recommendations. I would not
proceed with any unauthorized modifications under
any circumstances. It could cost $5000 or more to
rewire this house, and if you mess with it, you
will will be the one who pays.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL

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       Thank you for the large response.

        I talked to the Tech at M&S Systems. He
told me That his company has a policy not to
comment on potential cures for RFI  in their
Intercom systems. He said we could be sued. Well,
That was not the best part. As He talked to me I
never told him that I was the offender of the RFI.
He just thought I was A repair technician for a
local electronics contractor. The technical
representative for M&S Systems told me that it was
the responsibility of the person causing the
interference to pay for the repairs. I should
contact the offender!
       He did offer a few points. He said, "The
shield wires are left open at the stations due to
causing a ground loop". He also said ," If you
connect the Shield drain wires together at the
station end you would make a capacitor out of the
shield". This sounded like mumbo jumbo to me . The
 reason to me would seem more about feedback".

       I am now re-thinking my approach.

A.       Doing work on the neighbors expensive

      cons     *makes me liable for future or
current problems
                        *although I feel competent
to do the work. Murphy's law could show up.
                        *could make the problem
                        *spending my money and
appearing to be responsible party to the neighbors
RFI effected equipment.

        pro       *I could the fix the problem
                        *The neighbor would become
sympathetic due to my gallant effort.

    I still feel that the bypass caps and or some
ferrite beads on the inputs would be a easy fix if
successful. Maybe a little deception might work. I
could install the bypass caps. If this repaired
the RFI I could claim nothing. Stating that I
could not reproduce the interference. So even If I
do attempt repair don't claim success. I am sort
of talking out loud.

Victor Vickers

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