[RFI] Ford 2002, 4.6L, V8, Coil on Plug, RFI

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Contact Ford on this.  There is a Service Bulletin out on this.  I think it 
requires adding a grounding strap to a specific location, but don't 
remember where (since I don't hv a Ford myself--a friend does and has HF in 

de ed -K0iL

On Sunday, 06 October, 2002 7:04 AM, Paul J. Pagano 
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> I've read "e-ham" postings on Ford's Coil on Plug Technology with much
> interest. I have just completed a mobile HF installation in a 2002
> Mountaineer. It has the 4.6 L, V-8 engine in it and it delivers a solid 
> ignition noise on whichever band I've hooked up a resonant antenna. This 
> the 3rd Ford mobile installation I've completed. The first two were Ford
> Explorers, both V-8's, (1996 and 1999) having no noticeable RFI. I've
> enjoyed hassle free mobile HF for 6 years. Hopefully I can find some help
> from the "county hunter" hams.
> I ordered 16, snap-on, split, ferrite beads from Amidon. I placed one 
> each, of two wires, located above each spark plug. It did not help at 
> Have any of you received confirmation from other Ford Motor owners,(same
> engine and year) that this solved their RFI problems, specifically 
> noise?
> Ground strapping everything is my next step! I'm not sure how to go about
> grounding all the side panels and doors. The vehicle is leased and I 
> drill any visible holes. Can anyone reference an established procedure 
> this strapping process?
> I am sharing this message with all members of the Forum; as I'm 
> in hearing from any 2002 Ford owners who've had this problem and have
> successfully resolved their RFI issues. Thanks in advance for your useful
> comments. Please e-mail any helpful recommendations to me at: 
> Thanks again and again....Paul
> Paul J. Pagano
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