[RFI] Modern receivers not part of the problem

Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:33:25 -0700

This is one thing that's gotten better. The IC-701 and IC-720 receivers
were not better than what we now buy, and a good thing, too.  Receivers
have improved a LOT since the first PLL synthesized, "Gee, we can do this
with a microprocessor!" rigs. Just look at the ARRL test archives to see
that. The reason they COST less is bootstrapping on improved, mass-market

Cortland, KA5S

John Geiger <johngeig@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I would suspect that our receivers have a little part
> of the blame also.  I used to own an Icom 720A.  This
> rig had 160-10 meters only, no DSP, no built in keyer,
> no memories, and it routinely sold around $1200 when
> it first came out.  Today a comparable rig costs
> around $600 new, and you will probably get an internal
> keyer, memories, and some sort of DSP if you are
> luckily.  The cost difference had to come from
> somewhere-maybe in receiver design?